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Inclusive grassroots research and development project solutions — from the bottom, up.


Stakeholder engagement is essential for successfully addressing environmental and social risks for any project.

Build and maintain trust with project-affected parties

Understand and respond to concerns of potentially affected individuals or groups 

Influence decision-making on project design and activities

Digital Data
Research Tools

Digital data collection reduces project costs, streamlines accessibility, and improves efficiency.

Obtain accurate results in a faster manner than manual information processing

Easily share information and knowledge with team members and administrators

Access organized data sources from remote locations in a uniform manner

Project Design

Strategic planning and project design are essential in developing results-based accountability systems.

Achieve project outcomes with a thoughtful framework outlining methods

Fulfill legal obligations and reporting requirements set by financiers

Ensure inclusion of vulnerable groups for equitable access to project benefits

global groups trust ADIC

local groups trust ADIC

great care is taken to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate each project


ADIC utilizes state-of-art applications and data collection devices for project needs.

Quantitative data analysis is conducted through syntax and with support from R program for information data visualization. Using ATLAS.ti software and other applications ADIC offers real-time digital data collection (both offline and online) for qualitative data analysis.

ADIC employs participatory action research (PAR) in the process of research in order to promote local engagement and participation and inclusiveness.


ADIC adopts Participatory Action Research (PAR) as an approach to empower local communities and NGOs to design their projects based on grassroots or community-led development (CLD), which ensures community participation and ownerships in the design.

This grassroots approach leads to smooth implementation and monitoring.

ADIC facilitates capacity support for communities — as well as NGOs — to take up this innovative approach to co-design projects or initiatives that could benefit target areas.


ADIC provides local and international groups M&E systems design and strategies — 3-year, 5-year or for customized framework timelines.

In addition to the design, ADIC conducts baseline surveys, mid-term reviews and final evaluations.

We have a fully equipped team that can provide affordable services to improve on-going projects and programs for your research or development initiatives.

Specialist short course:
May 27-31, 2024

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning

Develop your skills to more effectively design and improve monitoring and evaluation systems supporting participatory and adaptive practice.

We prepare all necessary documents needed for your project objectives.

Final Project Reports
Photos or Project Video

Data Visualizations

Accounting Invoices
Certification of ADIC Nonprofit Status

Thematic Programs

Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC) is a Cambodian policy and development agency providing civil society organizations and community leaders with the information and skills training necessary to meaningfully contribute to Cambodia’s development.

 Cambodian society enjoying economic, social, and environmental justice and growth.

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