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ADIC conducts research and training to build sustainable research capacity among local stakeholders connected to development issues in poor and food-insecure provinces.

research builds knowledge and facilitates learning

Conducting a Small
Research Study

10 Steps to Analysis

How to do a small research study in order to explore or analyze a problem or an issue.

Written for research practitioners working in Cambodia and all others involved with assessing new social situations, designing new projects, solving organizational problems, or evaluating potential interventions.

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Precarious Migration

Voices of Undocumented Cambodia Migrants

Explore the dynamics of migration and relations within the household and the contribution that migration made to livelihoods.

This useful resource builds a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities that migrants face.

The intention is to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of the migrant issues facing governments, organizations working with migrants, and the general public.

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enhance the value of dissemination and implementation of research for end users

Featured Research

Going with the Flow of Community Life: An Approach to Participatory Action Research in Cambodia
International Journal on Environmental and Rural Development
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Struggles for Life: Smallholder Farmers’ Resistance and State LandRelations in Contemporary Cambodia
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Analyzing Development Issues Centre

Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC) is a Cambodian policy and development agency providing civil society organizations and community leaders with the information and skills training necessary to meaningfully contribute to Cambodia’s development.

 Cambodian society enjoying economic, social, and environmental justice and growth.

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