Our Vision

Cambodian society enjoying economic, social, and environmental justice and growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading applied and action research and learning agency working with vulnerable communities and key development actors to analyze current development issues and co-create innovative and sustainable responses.

What We Do

ADIC conducts research and research training to build sustainable research capacity among local stakeholders connected to development issues in poor and food-insecure areas.

We welcome partnerships related to our interested initiatives:

Natural Resource Governance
Livelihoods & Market Enhancement
Responses to Social Change

not only are we proud of our work — we're proud of the team behind our work

Meet our team of
community specialists,
ready to serve.

Interim Executive Director
Soeun CHAM, PhD
Head of Programs
Director of Academic Partnerships
Channak CHHUN
Head of Operations
Head of Finance
Abelardo Lopez CRUZ
Organizational Advisor
Sophen YEN
Accountant Officer
Damang NIL
Manager of Social Development Project
Sopheakdey SEM
M&E Officer
Project Officer
Cheath CHEA
Senior Communications Advisor
Internship Coordinator
Sochanny HAK, PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Bora KEO
Research Fellow
Leanghai PHALLA
Research Assistant
Academic Intern
University of Utah, USA
Partnership Advisor

Join our team.
Join our mission.

ADIC received grant financing in the amount of US$2.75 million from the World Bank toward costs of the Cambodia Sustainable Livelihood for Indigenous Communities Project (CSLICP):



consulting services

non-consulting services

General Procurement Notice
( GPN )


◉ Procurement of Goods
Procurement of office furniture, materials for demo-farms, materials for water salutation initiatives, materials for school gardens and signage.
estimated cost: US$0.3 million

◉ Procurement of Consulting Services
Selection of consulting firms for: Financial Audit firm
estimated cost: US$0.03 million

Individual national and international consultants for the project implementation support at national level and community level (Project Manager, Finance, Procurement, International Technical Advisor etc.) 
estimated cost: US$0.36 million

 National Consultant for Finance Officer 
( Individual Consultant Selection  )

Request for Expressions of Interest
( REOI )
Terms of Reference
( ToR )
Application Deadline: 30 March 2022

48 months (Service Contract)

Phnom Penh office, with occasional travels to the target provinces (Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri)


A Master’s degree in account/finance

◉ Experience in using accounting software
(i.e. QuickBooks, or Sage 50)

◉ Experience in taxation and tax paymentHave good knowledge in the field of financial management, accounting and auditing

◉ At least 5 years of working experience in NGOs sector or projects funded by the World Bank or ADB and other development partners in Cambodia

◉ At least 3 years of working experience in public sector and/or donor-financed projects 

◉ Fluency in written and spoken English


Interested candidates are requested to submit an updated CV and cover letter with three referees by email with subject line:

“Application for National Consultant for Finance Officer_ADIC-CSLICP-SC-015”

send email to: info@adicentre.org
CC: iloeur2@gmail.com; cham.soeun@gmail.com

Our Story

The Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC) was registered with the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia in April 2011. It has been involved in community organization work, participatory action research (PAR) and policy-type of applied research across several internationally funded projects.

ADIC emerged from the Analyzing Development Issues (ADI) Project which was operated by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) from1999 to 2011. Current ADIC staff contributed as lead authors to ADI Project research reports published by the CCC, the Learning Institute, CDRI’s Cambodia Development Review, among others.

The track record of ADIC team’s experiences in the Northeast provinces and Tonle Sap provinces including Kampong Thom Province dates back to 2011.

The Cambodia-based nonprofit previously managed a needs-driven research and policy advocacy project in five Tonle Sap’s provinces in collaboration with WorldFish and Mahidol University, Thailand. During that year, WorldFish first teamed up with ADIC and other NGO partners to promote community engagement and support under the“Strengthening Aquatic Resources Governance (STARGO) 2011-2013” project and the“Aquatic Agricultural System (AAS) Program”.

This initiative — which used Collaborating for Resilience (CoRe) and Participatory Action Research (PAR) approaches — covered five Tonle Sap provinces. ADIC later partnered with Mahidol University for a regional research and action project covering four countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand on promoting safe migration.

ADIC adopts Participatory Action Research (PAR) in its work with its underlying concepts of community empowerment, gaining greater agency over an individual's own life, ability to act collectively, and own initiatives using existing resources. This approach is operationalized by constantly walking through the cyclical process of reflecting, questioning, analyzing and acting on issues in one's daily life.

Through these processes over the years, ADIC fashioned an important lesson leading to coining the concept of “going by the flow of community life (GFCL)” which is uniquely different and suitable to local contexts. GFCL moves away from the traditional way of inviting people to an event that serves mainly the outsider's agenda. Instead, GFCL suggests meeting people in their own places or spaces and observing the emerging process of community people discussing their own agenda yet inviting outsiders to share it.

ADIC utilizes PAR in its approach to work with community leaders and members in the Northeast and Tonle Sap regions — with notable success in water management conflicts, land encroachment issues, educational management, and land boundary conflicts. ADIC still sees the need to continue the above two major strategic areas, given the continuous challenges to natural resources governance, especially in indigenous peoples’ areas, and areas that are food insecure, and vulnerable to various shocks.

In addition, for long term sustainability, ADIC has undertaken consultancy services in the form of training, research and evaluation for government ministries or departments, NGOs, and development partners. In addition, ADIC consults on strategic planning, M&E, research and evaluation using the latest technology and data analysis tools.

Research interests and development issues sought by ADIC include land, natural resources, food security, value chains and trade, child rights, education, youth, and elderly people. ADIC now sees the need to nurture a customized focus, as well as an institutional partnership approach that is expected to produce mutually beneficial results for all stakeholders.

Analyzing Development Issues Centre

Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC) is a Cambodian policy and development agency providing civil society organizations and community leaders with the information and skills training necessary to meaningfully contribute to Cambodia’s development.

 Cambodian society enjoying economic, social, and environmental justice and growth.

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